Succulent: Frequently Asked Questions

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Succulent FAQ

Q: What is a succulent?

A: Succulents are plants that store water for times of drought in fleshy leaves, stems, or a stem-root structure called a caudex.

Q: How much should I water my succulent?

A: There is no hard and fast rule for watering. You just have to figure it out for your own unique location. Water needs are dependent on what kind of pot (porous or non-porous), what size of pot, air-circulation, soin-mix, amount of sun and temperature. You do not want the soil to get bone-dry, because this will kill the root hairs, but you must let the plant dry out between waterings (just not totally dried out).

Q: Should i fertilize my succulent?

A: Yes, any balanced fertilizer at half-strength every 2 weeks during the growing season will work well.

Q: Where should I put my plant in the Winter?

A: For succulents needing bright light, which is most of them, a southern exposure is best, followed by an eastern exposure.

Q: Can succulents go outside in Summer?

A: In spring you can move your succulents outdoors. To avoid sunburn, first put them in a shady spot. As they adjust, they can be moved to a locatioin of morning sun, afternoon shade. Some succulents, such as Agave and Aloe, are happy with full sun, while others, such as Echeveria will be content with the afternoon shade location all summer. If rain is heavy, you may need to move your succulent to a covered location to protect it from rotting.

Q: How and when do i repot my succulent?

A: When you see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot, it's time to repot. Gently tap the plant out of it's pot and replant at the same depth as before. Do not water your succulent for a few days, this gives any roots damaged in the move time to recover and callous over, thus protecting the plant from fungal infection.

Q: What kind of soil and what kind of pot should I use when repotting?

A: Use a cactus soil mix when repotting. Select a pot that is 1/2" to 1" larger than the pot your plant is currently in. If you choose a clay pot, you will have to water more often because water evaporates through the clay pot, this cools the roots, so it can be a very good thing especially in summer. A glazed pot or a plastic pot holds water longer so you will water less often.

Q: Can I propagate my succulent?

A: Yes! Some succulents are easy to propagate! Echeverias will gro from leaves. Just twist a leaf off gently and let it callous over for about 5 days. Then place semi-upright in potting mix. Water about once a week. A new plant will form within one month. Crassula are also easy from stem cuttings. Many Aloe and Agave produce pups, which can be removed and grown on.

Q: How long can I keep my plant in this size pot?

A: You can leave your plant in a small pot if you want to dwarf it, but you will have to be more attentive to it's needs, so sometimes it is simpler to move your plant to a larger pot.